Jake A Lee

Alumnus from CSU Long Beach with a M.S. in Sport and Exercise Psychology, Jake Lee is WCA’s mental performance coach with a record of achievement in educational studies and service delivery. Jake’s ultimate vision is to be a person who is truly a leader in the world; someone who assists others fulfill their most desired life. Jake’s experience encompasses delivering quality, client-specific services, with proficient skills in enhancing confidence, mindfulness and managing stress and anxiety. He has a strong ability to lead individual and team sessions emphasizing mental skills development. Jake demonstrates aptitude in consistently establishing well-built rapport, essential for client connection and investment toward meeting and surpassing goals.

Championship Cognition Mission Statement

Are you an athlete who possesses the physical tools necessary to dominate, only to find that results are not meeting your expectations? Are you struggling to handle pressurized situations, maintain motivation, or unable to meet goals you have set for yourself? Is your team lacking cohesion, resulting in poor performance, communication, and trust? What if I told you the commonality of these issues was not physical, but mental? What if I told you there was a way for you to regain control, and remain in control so issues like these were no longer plaguing you? My name is Jake Lee, mental performance coach, specializing in sport and exercise psychology. Here at Championship Cognition I will provide athletes with the mental skills and tools necessary to allow their minds to work for them rather than against them. For championship action cannot occur without championship cognition!

Championship Cognition focuses on developing and strengthening athlete performance, holistic well-being and social functioning through education, research & practice, and sport psychology service delivery.

Jake’s mission is accomplished through:

Developing and conducting weekly workshops (elective course) to educate athletes on mental skills and their utilization

Creating individualized intervention plans to propel athletic performance

Maintaining a client-practitioner environment that does not portray a power dynamic, but rather a working relationship

Collaborating with parents, teachers, and coaches to learn about athlete’s tendencies and keep each party updated on progress

Mentoring student-athletes with academics along with athletics

Actively listening and clearly articulating ideas, thoughts, and instructions

Partnering an accepting and empathetic nature to assist in guiding clients through difficult and stressful times

Students will hear from industry leaders such as Sabin Lomac (Co-Owner of Cousins Maine Lobster & Top 3 successful businesses from the Shark Tank TV show), Gary Vaynerchuk (Owner of VaynerMedia & Entrepreneur mogul) , and Mark Panfil (Financial Adviser for Professional Athletes and Entertainers at Morgan Stanley).

Jake ensures to carry out
the following values:



I commit to fully investing in the athletes I work with so their optimal performance is obtained



I pledge to treat all people with dignity, open-mindedness, and esteem



I act and communicate with complete honesty, transparency, and authenticity



I value an inclusive environment in which diverse backgrounds and perspectives are not only welcomed and appreciated, but viewed and used as integral steps towards growth



I find comfort in being uncomfortable. I value the furthering in my research and education to provide progressive services



I value and commit to using my knowledge, skills, and ability to provide clients with services based on their individual needs


(October – December)

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