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Our goal is to give every athlete the blueprint for a long, successful healthy career. By ensuring the results we start with an In- body scan that will give us a understanding as well as a starting point internally what’s going on with every individual athlete.

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Based off the print out of the scan we will at that point write a customized meal plan detailing what they should be eating & times they should eating throughout the day. Finally we will provide the supplements needed to ensure they are internally healthy and receiving the proper vitamins, minerals, & omegas. This entire process will not only help the athlete recover faster but as well as give them natural energy throughout the day to be able to perform at their highest level & consistently. We hold athletes accountable by running weekly In-Body scans to ensure they are gaining muscle, losing fat or even just staying hydrated all based off every athletes individual needs.


Advanced Wellness Screening

The InBody 570 does all the great measurements the Inbody 270 provides plus measuring your Visceral Fat and Extracellular water levels. As we get older, both are very crucial to monitor to prevent disease or future illnesses.

Health risks of carrying excess visceral fat:

Visceral fat is stored in a person’s abdominal cavity, intestines, all organs and it influences how hormones function in the body..

Heart Attacks

Heart Disease

Type 2 Diabetes

Raised Blood Pressure


Breast And Colorectal Cancer

Alzheimer’s Disease

Health risks of carrying excess Extra-Cellular water:

Liver Disease

Heart Failure

Heart Infection

Kidney Disease

*** This INBODY 570 Screening comes with a FREE Nutritional Consultation***

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Coach SAM

WCA Nutritionist

" I am living proof that with will power and the right plan   any goal can be attained"

I'm coach Samantha the diet/nutrition coach here at Winner Circle Athletics. I have been on staff for about a year now and have had the pleasure of meeting a large majority of you. I have a background in cardiovascular health and am very passionate about educating others about a heart healthy diet. While being a professional athlete myself, I understand the importance of a goal specific diet regimen. Each individual athlete needs to understand how to fuel their bodies for performance.

In 2008 I fell victim to a hit and run car accident. I was told I would no longer be able to train or carry more than 10lbs again. As an athlete I was devastated. I spent the next 6 years accepting my fate and had not stepped foot in a gym. I was in college and was working and had not given any attention to my own health. I woke up one day and decided that at 26 years old things had to change. I started eating better and strength training. It was a struggle but I regained my health and got my life back. I am living proof that with will power and the right plan any goal can be attained. I am now a professional bodybuilder and am ready to share my story and inspire my community.

My goal is to serve my Winner Circle Community and beyond. I also offer diet plans as a personal service. These diet plans include weekly menus, check-ins and adjustments. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle or just have more energy throughout your day, I have a plan for you. Winner Circle also offers an adult fitness program "Winner Circle Fit." I offer exclusive pricing to Winner Circle Fit members. To inquire about either service/program please call (415) 964-2070 and leave you Name, phone number, and email address and I will reach out to you personally as soon as possible.

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