Soccer Program

WCA Performance Training develops athletes ability to increase strength, power output, speed, quickness, agility, and improves movement mechanics. Our movement pattern training is based on fundamental linear, lateral and vertical movements. Within these movements we modify specific drills to increase transferability to soccer athletes. Part of our mission is to enhance hip mobility, shoulder mobility, and rotational core strength. As a result athletes will increase kicking velocity, footspeed, balance and be less susceptible to injury.


Off the ball running mechanic


On 50/50 balls & runs off the ball


Lifting strength and speed-kicking velocity


Decrease reaction time to game situations

Change of Direction

On and off the ball reaction


Proper conditioning to improve work capacity


Increase joint/muscle strength and durability-injury prevention

Carissa Christensen

High School Attended : Los Onos

Playing Experience : TEXAS TEC

Women's Soccer


Degree : BA in Biology; emphasis in Exercise Science

Lauran Redding

High School: Bret Harte High School

Playing Experience:University of La Verne Women's Soccer Team

Position: Forward

Degree::Degree: BS in Kinesiology; emphasis in Exercise Science

Recovery or Throwing Recovery - Monthly Pricing

2x @ Week (8 Monthly) $Call for Pricing

1x @ Week (4 Monthly) $Call for Pricing

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