Strength Training

The WCA strength program is to introduce and develop the skills required to maximize gains in the weight room. We strive to build a solid foundation by initially focusing on posture and stability throughout complete ranges of motion during exercises. Sessions consist of full body development and progressively vary in complexity and intensity in strength, hypertrophy (increase muscle mass), speed and power. Our sorinex weight room equipment allows us to teach, monitor, and implement safe and effective power lifting principles and techniques. Utilizing our state of the art weight room and sorinex equipment in addition to a carefully monitored and progressed program athletes are able to increase strength, speed, power all while building muscle mass.

Our Mission is To Create a better athlete by bridging the gap between the weight room and the playing field/sport surface.

The three most important variables in performance; Bigger, Faster, Stronger, all start in the weight room.

Strength is an important component to achieve peak power and speed.

Without proper muscular development, an athlete will lack in many areas of performance.

Iona Uiagalelei

Proper Strength Training Can:

Reduce the risk of injury

Improve joint stability

Increase speed and power

Boost stamina and conditioning

weight Training Program

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Rising freshman entering HS-Rising Soph. (8th, 9th, 10th grade)

Intro to Weight Room (Group Session)

2x Sessions Weekly (8 Monthly)

Functional Movement/Bar Complex

Strength & Conditioning

Performance Tracking Analysis

50 min Session

*Bridge gap between Youth and Varsity

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