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The mecca of human performance training. Home to people of all ages and ability levels, including top athletes from around the world.
Raise your game or take your sports team to the next level, our one stop shop sports training & wellness campus provides an individualized approach for every athlete based on your personal goals. Come visit our campus and find out why we've been voted one of the Top 10 Human performance training centers on the west coast .



Pick two days! For your Base Package, you have the choice of either Monday/Wednesday OR Tuesday/Thursday weights and performane classes.

Combine evaluations done on weeks 1, 6, 12 for athletes on the 12 week program and weeks 18 and 24 for 24 week program athletes. Week 1 testing will begin on Monday November 28th.

Ages 11 and under Base Package (Monthly)

Monday-Friday 1 hour 3x per week

- 1 hour 2x per week Performance + 1 hour 1x per week Speed Lab

Ages 12 and up Base Package (Monthly)

Monday-Thursday 2 hours 2x per week


What will my baseline combine testing look like?

Movement Assessment 

40 yard dash (Linear Accelleration)

Shuttle pro agility (Lateral movement & change of direction)

Broad jump(vertical movement & hip power)

Vertical jump(verticall & hip power)

Weight Room Assessment 

Sorinex Weight Room

Bench press - 1 rep max

Squat - 1 rep max

Deadlift - 1 rep max 

Keiser Weight Room 

Computer tracking program uses compressed air to measure speed, power output and endurance

Power press 

Power Squat

Power clean pull

Power deadlift

Body Composition Assessment (Every 4 weeks)

Athletes will recieve an initial InBody analysis that will be used to construct a meal plan specific to the individual. InBody uses advanced BIA technology to provide an accurate assessment of your athletes body composition and help validate programs to improve the bottom line.

Weights & Performance Base Package class times

Monday 4-6pm & 6-8pm

Tuesday 4-6pm & 6-8pm

Wednesday 4-6pm & 6-8pm

Thursday 4-6pm & 6-8pm

Speed Lab

Add Speed Lab to your Elite Base Pacakge 

Monday 5pm and 7pm 

Wednesday 5pm and 7pm

Friday 4pm, 5pm and 6pm

Football Position Specific Training

Sharpen your position skills by adding specific lessons

QB's Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 

4:00pm Youth & 5:30pm high school

WR's Tuesday

6pm high school & 7pm youth

DB's Thursday

6pm high school & 7pm youth

LB's Monday

6pm high school & 7pm youth

RB's Wednesday

6pm high school & 7pm youth

Offensive Line Thursday

6pm high school & 7pm youth

Defensive Line Wednesday

6pm high school & 7pm youth

Club Travel Football

7v7 passing league team 

5v5 offensive line & defensive line tournament team

Exposure camps and recruiting help

Youth players transitioning to high school

High school players transitioning to college and/or looking to get recruited

12 Week Elite Program With Sport Specific Testing

Our Elite training is Southern California's premier athletic developement program. Geared towards soccer, baseball, softball, locross, basbeball and all other sports. The Elite program has proven to increase the linear/lateral speed and vertical exposion in hundreds of athletes.

You can become the next success story!

12 Week Elite Program With Sport Specific Testing
12 Week Elite Program With Sport Specific Testing
12 Week Elite Program With Sport Specific Testing
12 Week Elite Program With Sport Specific Testing
12 Week Elite Program With Sport Specific Testing
12 Week Elite Program With Sport Specific Testing

After School Training  2022 


Massage Therapy

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Schedule Your Intro Free Into Class

Your Intro class will be 2 hours long! It will consist of 1 hour of performance and 1 hour of weights!


Winner Circle Athletics
Winner Circle Athletics

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