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Winner Circle Athletics

Highschool Football

Champions League is history's first-ever high school club tackle football league. Where many high school players were robbed of their collegiate aspirations, we've created a league that has restored their opportunities for a free college education. Players have the opportunity to compile a HUDL highlight film to promote to college coaches. Players will also have access to the number one recruiting platform in the country via the Signing Day Sports app.

Season 2 is set to begin on May 1st  2021.

Things to know.

5 consecutive weeks of league games 

6th week is a 4 team playoff weekend

7th week will be the Championship game

We will be following NFHS rules

Seniors are welcome to play

Teams must provide their own uniforms(jerseys must match(2 needed)).

All Games will be played at the same location

To register a team email

2021 Fall Youth Champions League 

We are proud to announce the formation of 2021 Fall Youth Champions League. Due to the fact the millions of youth and high school kids were robbed of the opportunity to play their 2020 football season, we felt obligated to give that opportunity back by creating the first ever club high school tackle football league in the history of the game. Shortly after, we were obliged to provide the same opportunity for youth tackle football. Despite the many obstacles we were able to complete both seasons with tremendous success. Due to the high volume of positive feedback WCA has decided to launch the 2021 Fall Youth Champions League. We aim to not only make YCL the most competitive lesgue in the counrty, but also the most structured and orgonized as well. Add your chapter to the interest list below to recieve more information on 2021 Fall YCL.