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Travel Baseball

WCA Baseball is a travel baseball club that is committed to the development of our young student-athletes. We train and play in a highly competitive environment that's designed to push athletes as well as preparing them for playing at the highest possible levels. Our coaching staff has played, coached, and scouted at the major league level so you know your athlete is receiving elite-level instruction.

Along with elite level instruction, players will focus on strength,
speed, and arm care development. Most importantly, how to
process these training characteristics so that they transfer to game day.

We currently offer levels 15u Elite, 14u, 13u and 12u

$75 Monthly Reoccurring Dues
$300 4 Month Dues Pay In Full

Youth Club Football

WCA youth club football is all about culture. Not just winning, but the journey that gets you there. Our athletes learn from prominent figures who have played at professional and collegiate levels. Players learn to use professional techniques most will not experience for years. Athletes just don't learn basic X's & O's, but how to properly dissect film for self-promotion, self-development, and gameday preparation. Coaches focus on helping players put themselves in a position that will allow them to be successful as they climb the youth ranks. When players promote from our 14u Elite team often skip the freshmen level and make an immediate impact on their high school varsity team.

Due to the fact that high school football has completely shut down, we've been forced to create the Champions League. Champions League is the first-ever Club High School Football League in the history of the sport. With our creation of the Champions League, we have entered into the league with our own club teams. These teams are comprised of athletes from all over southern California and feature an array of talent levels for every position. In this up and coming March Champions League WCA will submit a JV team and two varsity teams. Coached by prominent figures who have all played at the college/pro levels, many WCA athletes have already solidified offers to play at the next level.

Inland Rotary Basketball Club

Our goal here at IRBC is to educate parents and student athletes about the process of becoming the best they can be. Through our professionalism and coaching network we will hold ourselves accountable in all facets of our lives to ensure that we provide an experience for all parties involved that is unmatched.

With over 50 years of experience of basketball knowledge within our staff we aim to be player development orientated. Through our player development we will teach from a fundamental base that will allow the young student-athletes a base to come back to regardless of where their athletic career make take them.

As our program grows our resources and programs within in our club grow. The plan is to provide our parents and student athletes an opportunity to learn as well as educate the ins and outs of the basketball world. From selecting the right high school program based on your own individual criteria, camps and much more.

Over time we will provide: mentoring, financial literacy (credit, taxes, etc.), media education (writers, evaluators etc.)
Powered by Winner Circle Athletics our student athletes have access to our performance training & strength training in the facility.

Our performance program is a multidirectional ground based class which focuses on the three essential movement patterns: linear, lateral and vertical. Athletes will learn to eliminate wasted movements and sharpen their mechanics, thus making them more efficient in all directions and quicker on their court.

Our strength program is another essential part of our training. Our performance trainers are focused on providing results-driven service and are able to concentrate on muscles used to play this game of basketball. Functional strength in the weight room is vital for the performance of student-athletes on the court.

Inland Rotary Basketball Club Team Registration

Travel Dues Prep Academy $250


Travel Dues Non-Prep Academy $350


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